As mums of six delightful wee men, aged between one and six, it’s fair to say we’ve certainly done our time in the kids clothing aisles. 

If we’ve learnt anything over the years, it’s that when you’re dressing a band of busy boys, practicality always prevails - but in New Zealand, that often meant needing to sacrifice on style and sustainability.

As conscious consumers ourselves, we wanted Sonnie to fill that gap. Selfishly, at first, because we were sick of investing in pieces that didn’t last long or look the part, and very quickly wound up as landfill rather than in their little brother’s wardrobe. But as the brand became a reality, and Sonnie was formed, we were motivated to help all Kiwi parents shop sustainably, ethically and organically for their little ones.

So what does that mean at Sonnie?

It means a focus on quality garments, with fewer collections of considered, timeless pieces that can be worn, loved and passed down - we’re all about those vintage hand-me-downs!

And ethically, it’s a commitment to a fairer fashion industry by only partnering with suppliers who value the health, safety and wellness of their team. Our manufacturer is certified by GOTS, BCI Better Cotton Initiative, Oeko-Tex and BlueSign, and provides its staff with safe and fair working conditions, including regular audits, living wage salaries and capped working hours. Not to mention, the company is run by an absolute boss woman!

It’s also peace of mind their children are wearing 100% GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) organic cotton pieces. 


Free from nasty chemicals, organic cotton is the best fabric for your children. Soft, natural and breathable, organically-grown cotton contains fewer allergens and is the safest solution for sensitive skin.

Better still, choosing organic is ecologically and socially responsible. While traditional cotton cultivation is harmful on the planet and its workers, organic farming uses methods and materials that have a positive impact on the environment and growers by omitting dangerous pesticides, using less water and energy, and preserving soil fertility.

Sonnie is committed to sustainability and safe working conditions for its suppliers, and can guarantee its organic cotton garments are 100% certified organic according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) industry requirements.

GOTS is the internationally-recognised body which regulates the safe practice of textile production across the entire supply chain to ensure that both environmental and social standards are met. Find out more about GOTS certified textile standards here.